An ongoing study at KEM hospital to find out the efficacy of Ayurvedic drugs in improving the life expetency of HIV positive patients has yielded positive results.It can delay the starting of ART by 4 years. The count of cd4 is directely propotional to the health of a person,as these cells are the most important part of ones immune system.Any one with less cd4 count is more prone to ailments as the body's defence mechanism starts giving ways.The ART started only when the cd4 count falls below 250.After administering Ayurvedic drugs,the doctors found that cd4 count on an average went up from 448 to 546 within 6 months and upto 590 in a year. Besides many patients has weight gain,increase in heamoglobin count,and a sence of well being.Head of medicine at KEM Dr. PAZARE said that not every pt. who test positive for HIV immediately qualifies for the ART.Till a patients cd4 count comes down to 250,we can not prescribe ART. Moreover ART has side effects like pain in abdomen,weakness of limbs,and arms,swollen abdomen and distortion of fascial features.There fore PAZARE believes that patients could be prescribed Ayurvedic drugs with immuno restorative properties that can delay the initiation of ART.Ayurvedic drugs with properties to strengthen immunity can delay the art by 4 years. Head of ART department Dr.Alka Deshpande said,"More studies are needed,as there is no standerdised data, that talks about long term effects."she said.